Why We Train

Brad Learns to ride--through email

An Exchange of E-Mail’s that ended up with a Smiling Bike Rider
(C) 2005 by Rainbow Trainers, Inc.

Note: In May 2005 I (Richard Klein) received a message on the Lose The Training Wheels (TM) web site. What follows is an exchange of E-Mail’s that ended up with an...Read More »


Michael is from Utica NY. Michael is diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy. Michael worked hard and wanted to be a bike rider like everybody else. In the photo in the upper left, Michael is being spotted by Dr. Tim Davis of SUNY at Cortland NY. As with all of...Read More »


Amber is from near Fond du Lac WI, and is diagnosed with a combination of disabilities — autism and Down syndrome. It took us about three days to convince Amber to even wear a helmet, much less get near or on a bike. With our children we like to discover...Read More »


Tyler is a complex case study. Tyler has so far defied diagnosis by his doctors, but a number of symptoms are present including low muscle tone. Tyler is also non-verbal. Tyler has tactile defensiveness. Tyler is perhaps one of the more challenging children with whom we’ve worked, as trying...Read More »


Nathan is from Fond du Lac WI. Nathan is diagnosed with autism. His parents are very caring, as both Nathan’s mom and dad came to the camp to assist “on the floor.” With children diagnosed with autism, we find that it is important to have an aide or even a...Read More »


Jon is diagnosed with Down syndrome. Jon had never been able to ride a two-wheeler prior to coming to our adapted bike program at Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park CA, in 2002. Laura Harper, APE (Adapted Physical Educator), is getting her workout keeping up with John. When Jon first...Read More »


Ana Gray attended one of our adapted bike camps held in Fond du Lac WI in August 2004. Ana is age 13, and is diagnosed with developmental delay. For her the task of riding a two-wheeler without those training wheels had been an impossibility. Years of tries ended in...Read More »


Noot started on a roller trainer and graduated to a regular bike! Noot gives our volunteers a workout as he loves riding a bike — and he’s fast! Hopefully you will understand why we like our volunteers and staff to be physically fit. Our helper Jason running alongside Noot is...Read More »

Skill Mastery

When a child is able to master riding a bicycle – and without those dreaded training wheels — the benefits become instantly evident. The child smiles, and the child desires to get onto the bike to ride around. Self-esteem experiences perhaps an exhilarating lifetime high. Humiliation is vanquished. Some...Read More »


Learning to Ride — A poem about Bike riding

Unconquerable, undefeated, and proud
The wheels turning,
People whizzing past my face,
I wanted to learn
I wanted to ride
But I just couldn’t

My pink bike with “balance wheels”
People laughing,
As I felt hurt down...Read More »


Erica is 6 years old and is diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Her parents never taught her how to ride a bike because they though she couldn’t. She has low muscle tone, but is very active and likes to move. Erica progressed through the bikes and is now riding the most...Read More »


Stephen is 8 years old with mild mental retardation. He is 4’3” tall and weighs about 200 pounds. He has extremely poor balance, and low muscle tone. He was scared to ride a bicycle. Stephen started out on the least challenging bike with no challenge to his balance and learned...Read More »


Joshua is 9 years old is visually impaired and has mild autism. He loves to move and is an active athletic boy. He is self-conscious about not being able to ride a bike. In six weeks of an in-school bike program with only 20-30 minutes each week, Josh progressed from...Read More »

The Case of the Missing Cyclist

Kevin, age ten, appears to be a typical child in almost every way. He lives with his family including a younger brother Mark, age seven, in a suburb to a larger city. Kevin has a shiny bicycle in his garage, and even occasionally leaves it out in front of his...Read More »

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  1. Hello, I was recently made aware of the ICAN bike riding program and contacting them about obtaining a bicycle. I am a recreational therapist and we have a large number of kids with disabilities that would like to learn to ride a bike. I was writing for information for you to determine if the bikes that are used with the program are for sale to the general public. Thank you.

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