What is the Affiliation Between Rainbow Trainers and iCan Shine?


iCan Shine conducts it’s iCan Bike program through the contracted use of our adapted roller and other bike equipment custom designed and manufactured exclusively by Rainbow Trainers. ¬†When such adapted bike equipment is not in use by iCan Shine at their iCan Bike programs, it predominantly resides at Rainbow Trainer’s facility undergoing maintenance and modifications to ensure it remains updated and safe for use.

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  1. I understand that you typically do not sell your bikes. We are a not for profit organization working with children and families in several rural counties. We have spoken to ican Shine in the past but we since we live in a rural area and getting enough families for one week would be challenging. Our agency would love to be able to buy a set of bikes that we could use in our different sites for weekend or extended weekend sessions. We also partner for therapies with our local school districts and could run afterschool programs with them. Is there a way to purchase a set of bikes at this time? Thank you!

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