Learning to ride a bike involves learning a sequence of motor skills. Each child will improve in skills on his/her own timetable. Some children can learn in an hour, and yet others require more time.

In 2000 our CEO, Richard Klein, began travelling through the United States and Canada with a van full of bicycles.  Here were some lessons that he learned about teaching kids to ride:

  • A week’s duration of the program is commonly sufficient for many children
  • Because of the need to be fresh and rested as well as other limitations, we find that children do best when we schedule a daily riding session not to exceed 1-½ hours (90 minutes).
  • We found that an ideal duration for a session is 75 minutes, as we keep children active and 75 minutes is optimum
  • Multiple 75 minute sessions per day allows the many children to ride and allows effective facility utilization .
  •  While children do progress through the same steps as they learn to ride, the time it takes them to move to the next step is highly variable.
  • Watching the child, and not the clock, will reveal when they are ready for the next step.

The other lesson that Richard learned was that he could not meet the demand for bike camps alone.

Rainbow Trainers now focuses on enhancing and improving the trainers that help people learn to ride.  iCan Shine (www.icanshine.org) schedules, staffs, and administers bike camps throughout the US and Canada.

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