Skill Mastery


When a child is able to master riding a bicycle – and without those dreaded training wheels — the benefits become instantly evident. The child smiles, and the child desires to get onto the bike to ride around. Self-esteem experiences perhaps an exhilarating lifetime high. Humiliation is vanquished. Some of the longer term benefits include peer inclusion, success at an age appropriate activity, improved exercise opportunities, increased stamina, increased cognitive stimulation and decision making, and even the ability for the family to participate in a fun activity as a family group.

We have only enjoyed anecdotal reports to date that children gain in improved health, fitness and well being. We anticipate in the future that clinical studies under proper rules of science and medicine will confirm our present hypothesis — that being able to ride a bike brings about increased physical fitness, better motor planning, better motor coordination, and improved health in general.

In the absence of scientific research to validate our gut feelings, we are able to rest well at night knowing that we have brought smiles to hundreds of children — children who are now able to ride bikes when heretofore the idea of riding a bike without training wheels had been only a fleeting dream.

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