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Located at the intersection of faith and bicycle riding

Bushes and Pavement Cracks

As we journey through life, we are constantly at risk. Temptations are tugging at us. The evil one is constantly lurking in the shadows. I was told the story of a woman living in Hungary prior to WW II. She had never ridden a bike as a child, but did...Read More »

Let Kids be Kids

A commonly heard thought in our American society of today is that our kids are somehow substandard in the areas of math and science. We are forever being told that children in other countries, children in Asian countries in particular, are outperforming American children in critical areas of mathematics and...Read More »

The Perfect Rider

Over my years of working with children and their start into biking, I have always adhered to certain protocols. Because children with whom I come into contact are not sure of this big, lurking stranger, I have developed what I call my bedside manner. When I meet and engage a...Read More »

Prepare the Way

When any of us go about merrily riding a bike, few of us take the time to appreciate the smooth and usually paved road or pathway that makes riding a bicycle so much joy. My wife of some 50 years, Marjorie, recalls her childhood having been raised on her parents’...Read More »

Other gods?

It is interesting to ask why schools and even major institutions have physical education and sport programs. My understanding is that “physical education” such as in elementary schools is focused so as to provide education to children, for example, so that they can become more physically fit. At least that...Read More »

The One Track Mindset

In our modern society it seems that we have developed a stigma against people or things that are “one track.” The popular wisdom seems to suggest that we are always better off if we have an open mind, and support from many sides. People with one track minds are thought...Read More »

How Life and Theology Imitate Riding a Bike

Scripture tells us that the body of Christ – the church – is a single body composed of different parts, the individual members. Consider Romans 12:4-5 —

“Just as there are many parts to our bodies, so it is with Christ’s body. We are all parts of it, and it takes...Read More »

Can I Buy a Bike?

One of our colleagues, Dr. Tim Davis of SUNY at Cortland NY wrote – “The question I get all the time from parents who are newly introduced to the therapy is ‘How do I buy a bike like that?!’ Would you consider a parent section (in your web site) of...Read More »

The Tuesday Question

In the process of conducting adapted bicycle camps across the nation, it seems inevitable that as of the end of the second day, thus usually a Tuesday, an anxious parent, usually a mother, will ask me this question:

“Gee Dr. Klein; I’ve seen so much progress being made by all these...Read More »

Eagles Wings

As we journey through life, we are constantly at risk. Temptations are tugging at us. Yet, if we stop or hesitate matters seem to only get worse, not better. The analogy is clear. If we want to have a good ride in life we must have faith, belief, keep pedaling...Read More »

Look Up, Not Down

In riding a bike, or for that matter, even when driving a car, the driver/rider does not look down staring continually at their feet on the pedals or even the floor of the car. Instead, the driver/rider needs to remain focused on what is ahead, and not what is down....Read More »

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