Noot started on a roller trainer and graduated to a regular bike! Noot gives our volunteers a workout as he loves riding a bike — and he’s fast! Hopefully you will understand why we like our volunteers and staff to be physically fit. Our helper Jason running alongside Noot is a member of the Fond du Lac WI track team, and so he loves running. Our people don’t have to get up early to jog first, as they get all the jogging they want right on the job — and seeing smiles fill faces of excited kids. Noot’s mother (in green, to the right) admires Noot’s action and accomplishments, and is proudly standing ready to take a few photographs for the family album. Noot’s family is rooted in faith, and with their faith they see miracles on a regular basis.

We are delighted to introduce Noot who attended our program in Fond du Lac WI. Noot claims many distinctions in our hearts. He is optimistic and even inspirational. He is forever concerned about others and is at hand to offer advice and encouragement to each and all. Two things stand out in our memory
•Noot offered comfort to one girl who was experiencing considerable difficulty, “Amber, all things are possible if you try and continue to practice.”
•To yet another child, a girl diagnosed with autism, age 8, Noot told her, “Lauren, if you want to ride a bike, you must do four things — have faith, believe, look forward, and keep pedaling.”
Noot attended two of our camps, first in March 2004 and again in August 2004. In the mid-day of the second camp Noot rode a conventional two-wheeler bike by himself for the first time. Yes, we had to provide support for starting, but once underway Noot became an accomplished rider. As you browse the web site, we are sure that you’ll find Noot there on pages waiting to greet you. Our hats and our hearts go out to Noot!

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