Nathan is from Fond du Lac WI. Nathan is diagnosed with autism. His parents are very caring, as both Nathan’s mom and dad came to the camp to assist “on the floor.” With children diagnosed with autism, we find that it is important to have an aide or even a parent present to help work with the child. Children with autism spectrum disorders don’t like sudden changes, or strangers, so it helps our therapy if someone is present who knows the nuances of the child. It took two times being enrolled, but during the second week of bike camp Nathan really got into the hang of bike riding. Nathan’s mom and dad also got to do lots of running. That is Nathan’s mom in white top (above right) getting her exercise keeping up with Nathan. It was critical that Nathan use a bike with a bike training handle, in case he ever needed a little help. Notice the bike that Nathan is riding. It has been configured with the crank-set (also called bottom bracket) shifted forward and somewhat lower. This places the pedals in a comfortable position — closer to the ground than as compared to your typical BMX or other popular racing image bike. The handlebars have been lifted using what is called a “stem extender.” If children with challenges are to be able to ride two-wheelers, it is imperative that they be provided with bikes that are user friendly for them. Most bikes sold today are not user friendly, but rather nightmares dreamed up by marketing experts who sell glitter and not ergonomically efficient bikes.

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