How We Train

Our Goal

We strive to bring every child along to be able to become a bike rider, but we don’t achieve 100 percent success. The outcome is not anything that we can guarantee. We do guarantee to do our best in terms of providing the best equipment, staff, and attention to detail....Read More »


Learning to ride a bike involves learning a sequence of motor skills. Each child will improve in skills on his/her own timetable. Some children can learn in an hour, and yet others require more time.

In 2000 our CEO, Richard Klein, began travelling through the United States and Canada with a...Read More »

Finding a Camp

The iCan Bike program, through the organization, iCanShine, partners with institutions in creating camps.

Visit iCanShine’s website for camp details:

Up to this point we have had camps in a number of places in the United States and Canada, primarily where local institutions have agreed to work with us. The institutions...Read More »

Bike Camps

We find group instruction to be preferable over one-on-one private instruction, especially as the children become more willing to try and put in an effort upon seeing peers engaged in similar activities and trying – and being successful.

In our camp format, we work with about 5 to 8...Read More »

Incremental Bike Adaptations

The program uses a series of adapted trainer bikes that permits the children to be successful. We create a series of small steps to allow children to get past previously insurmountable hurdles.

Researchers and experts in motor learning tell us that we are actually using a technique or process called...Read More »

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