Can I Purchase One of Your Adapted Bikes? (part 2)

I must first clarify that the bikes which I have designed and created are not presently offered for sale.  Instead, they are made available under a lease contract with the iCan Shine Inc. charity. At the moment, this lease is exclusive.  I’m sure that you might be wondering why the...Read More »

Can I purchase one of your adapted roller bikes?

The goal of Rainbow Trainers is not to sell bicycles–our goal is to help people of all ages ride a conventional bicycle.  Since the inception of the bicycle many people have learned to ride through trial and error, training wheels, and determination.

However, these traditional approaches do not work for everyone.  Many people have tried to...Read More »

What is the Affiliation Between Rainbow Trainers and iCan Shine?

iCan Shine conducts it’s iCan Bike program through the contracted use of our adapted roller and other bike equipment custom designed and manufactured exclusively by Rainbow Trainers.  When such adapted bike equipment is not in use by iCan Shine at their iCan Bike programs, it predominantly resides at Rainbow...Read More »

Should I teach someone else to ride?

As we go through life, we inevitably are faced with a fairly common decision situation – should you call in an expert or professional to solve a problem, or should you do it yourself? The matter might range anywhere from:

•Replacing a dripping faucet washer
•Removing a tree limb that is...Read More »

How do I identify a professional?

Back while I was teaching, my wife and I moved to a 42 acre farmhouse about 20 minutes from the university. My father-in-law was ecstatic; he had been a dairy farmer for the past 40 years, and he insisted that we get a few head of cattle. So I headed...Read More »

Tips on teaching someone else to ride?

This may be a lot of material to remember, so we made it simple for you and summarized everything in “How We Train” right here. Simple and easy, just for you.

A Summary of Home Remedy Tips:
•It seems that the best place to start with home remedy is to get...Read More »

What is the cost of not learning to ride?

The real cost of not being able to ride a bike is in the lost opportunity – the opportunity to smile and to be like everybody else.
For a child with special needs, if bike riding isn’t mastered then other options are often considered. One option is often an adapted...Read More »

What is the benefit of learing to ride?

Being able to ride a two-wheeler is a societal rite of passage and an age appropriate activity. In spite of the fact that a large majority of children get past training wheels, the reality exists that training wheels represent the end of the bicycling trail for a percentage of...Read More »

What is wrong with training wheels?

Distinct behaviors become predominant as the child “rides” his/her bike fitted with training wheels.

•Brake Slamming. The child will tend to slow down and routinely brake whenever the child perceives any danger of tipping or falling (I’ll call it “tippiness”).
•Upper Body Movements. The child will tend to use upper body...Read More »

Who is iCanShine?

iCan Shine is a national charitable nonprofit organization that collaborates with local organizations and individuals, referred to as iCan Shine program ‘hosts’, to conduct over 100 five-day iCan Bike programs throughout North America serving nearly 3,000 people with disabilities each year.  iCan Shine began in 2007 and, since then,...Read More »

How did your company start?

The origin of the adapted bicycling program had its genesis in the research of Dr. Richard E. Klein at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Richard retired from his academic career at the University of Illinois in 1998. In 1999, Richard and his wife Marjorie have formed what is...Read More »

Why are you called Rainbow Trainers?

People often are puzzled over the meaning and origin of the name Rainbow Trainers, Inc. As a point of explanation, the corporation’s roots stem from the research of Dr. Richard E. Klein, President and Founder. Klein is an emeritus faculty member of the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign IL....Read More »

4 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. I am and pediatric physical therapist in a rural area with a high poverty rate. I see several kids weekly or biweekly for PT who have a goal of bike riding. We have been working with a bike with a handle bar I’ve added and I’m seeing progress, but not as quickly as I’d see with the roller adaptation. I’ve read this entire website; I know you don’t sell the bikes and you strongly encourage the icanbike camp, but we do not have the funds to bring the camp here. I’ve looked into it. And we cannot charge the kids in our area the amount it would take to even recover a portion of the cost for that. Would you at least offer me some plans that I can take to a local bike shop and have them follow to modify my bike here or do it myself?

    1. Holly,

      I understand the financial situation that you face–your situation is not unique. I would strongly recommend that you follow up with iCanShine. Rainbow Trainers cannot provide you with blue prints or instructions apart from what is included on this website. The other reality is that the cost that would bear to create a single modified bicycle is probably more than it would cost to host a camp with iCanShine in your area.


      Rainbow Trainers

    1. The bikes that we make will work for anyone. The iCanShine camps typically partner with charities that serve a specific community of kids with disabilities. Sometimes they will allow kids without disabilities to participate. It is best to contact the camp directly and ask

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