Can I Buy a Bike?

One of our colleagues, Dr. Tim Davis of SUNY at Cortland NY wrote – “The question I get all the time from parents who are newly introduced to the therapy is ‘How do I buy a bike like that?!’ Would you consider a parent section (in your web site) of commonly asked questions that lead to the concept of a series of bikes vs. one bike?”

Indeed, it is a frequent and common reaction of parents, and even some professionals to ask, “How might they buy one of these adapted roller bikes?”

We are reminded of the story told in Mark 7:24-30. The story concerns a Syrian woman who approached the Master and besieged Him to cast a demon out of her daughter. The Master replied that His job was to help his own family (the Jews). The woman retorted that “But even the puppies under the table are given some scraps from the children’s plates.”

The Master answered, “You have answered well …”

The reality is that independent of whether you can obtain an adapted bike or not, you have been given a far greater gift. And that gift is the gift of faith. For the first time in a long time, you now realize that your child is indeed capable of riding a bike. The years of doubt and bewilderment are now behind you. Your faith has made you free – because you believe that your child can be taught to ride a bike.

Of course you still want a bike, so now we have to build more upon your faith. It isn’t merely the matter of getting one bike, but rather an immersion in a process. The process inevitably must start with a few difficult steps, and you have now made those steps. You have faith, and you now need to ask what to do next? Already, your relationship, as well as outlook with your child, have changed – and for the better. You believe that your child is capable of riding a bike, and that your anxieties and doubts and apprehensions are in remission. You are able to see your child as a bike rider, and a child being fulfilled with a smiling face.

Now it is only a matter of putting into place some additional steps. We don’t have bikes for you to buy at the moment, but you do have the good news that we work everyday to see that the adapted bicycling program gets replicated. Your child and tens of thousands of other children will receive the benefits of our adapted bike program as the program grows.

In the process of building your faith, you will also next come to realize that you don’t need a bike for yourself, but rather just access to a bike, or better yet, a bike program for a relatively short duration. The process of getting your child to ride a bike is just that – a process. It isn’t a thing. It isn’t just one bike. If it were one bike you would actually be accepting less than your full portion – because having a bike is akin to having your child forever stagnated at that level. We want your child to move on and to progress, as do you.

May the blessings of the Lord be with you.

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