Can I purchase one of your adapted roller bikes?

The goal of Rainbow Trainers is not to sell bicycles–our goal is to help people of all ages ride a conventional bicycle.  Since the inception of the bicycle many people have learned to ride through trial and error, training wheels, and determination.

However, these traditional approaches do not work for everyone.  Many people have tried to learn to ride and have not been successful.  Rainbow Trainers offers new and fearful riders the opportunity to learn the motor program to ride a conventional bike while using a more stable adapted bicycle.

The bottom line is that you will not need one of our adapted trainers for very long.  Typically, a few hours on our adapted trainers will allow someone to move from not riding to riding.

Instead of selling bicycles we prefer partnering with organizations that use our trainers in community based bicycle camps.   A one week camp in a community allows new riders to have access to our trainers for the time that they need to develop the needed motor plan without asking that individual to purchase a trainer that will only be needed for a short time.

If you are interested in having the Rainbow Trainers Adapted Bikes visit your community please let us know.

What is the Affiliation Between Rainbow Trainers and iCan Shine?


iCan Shine conducts it’s iCan Bike program through the contracted use of our adapted roller and other bike equipment custom designed and manufactured exclusively by Rainbow Trainers.  When such adapted bike equipment is not in use by iCan Shine at their iCan Bike programs, it predominantly resides at Rainbow Trainer’s facility undergoing maintenance and modifications to ensure it remains updated and safe for use.